On Curation

In describing what I do and what I am passionate about, due to the multiplicity of my interests, I often wondered if I am a “jack of all trades”. This term though connotes a lack of mastery as it continues with the suggestion: “jack of all trades….master of none”. This is not a match to my condition as I am at least a “…a master of some” things. So how am I supposed to make sense of disparate occupations and items of care?  Who am I to them and what are they to me?

The idea of curation  has been on my mind lately as it perhaps is at the curation of all that I have been interested in.

At the age of 16, as I got a gig as radio DJ at a Turkish radio station, exploring all genres of music and structured by a love of melodies, I was driven to make/force people to listen to my most recent discoveries. I still am driven to curate the experiences for friends in cars and at homes, particularly in evenings of contemplation and conversation with newly discovered tunes or all time favorites.

My love and interest in food has also always been about curation. In my cooking, I am responding an urge to curate sensations for those who taste it. I combine dishes inspired by different travels and I also bring together spices from different parts of the world but most frequently from my native Turkey. I create dishes to curate an eating experience.

My core profession in the field of higher education is also about a drive to curate. As I teach undergraduate/graduate classes I want to bring together interesting examples, news and information. I am not an expert who has structuring opinions that has to be heard. Instead, I am a curator who facilitates conversations and experiences about the class topic.  I also mentor educators to find their best curation practices in the classroom.

What draws me to define the connection amongst everything that I am interested as curation is also due to the fact that curation is as much as it is about the curator as it is about audience. At its core it is about community as opposed to individuality. In all attempts at curation I am always seeking a connection. 

With the random thoughts, suggestions and information you will find here, I attempt to give a glimpse of the nature of my curation to those who may not know me and the scope of that curation to others who may know me but may be unaware of all my structuring interests.

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