In Media

  • Commentary on KOMO (Seattle/ABC affiliate) on Microsoft layoffs
  • Commentary on KOMO (Seattle/ABC affiliate) about Amazon layoffs
  • An interview (in Turkish) from Turkish Hurriyet Daily discussing my award and the Communication Leadership program
  • An interview on  Q13/Fox channel of Seattle about trust and media (on November 4 2016) :
  • An interview with me about impact of social media particularly pertaining to the exposure and discussion of sexual assault cases at the student paper of Puyallup High School, the Viking Vanguard.
  • A piece (January 2014)  about the Turkish corruption scandal for the Seattle Globalist.
  • A piece about travels to Mexico City  (June, 2018)  – exploring topics of eating and globalization, I write in Turkish for the new online Turkish food culture magazine Here is that piece.
  • A piece for Hurriyet Daily (April 2014) in Turkey about street foods in New York.
  • A piece for Hurriyet Daily (May 2015) in Turkey about street foods in Vietnam.image1
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