In Media

  • Here you can find an interview (in Turkish) from Turkish Hurriyet Daily discussing my award and the Communcation Leadership program
  • I conducted an interview on  Q13/Fox channel of Seattle about trust and media (on November 4 2016) :
  • Here is an interview with me about impact of social media particularly pertaining to the exposure and discussion of sexual assault cases at the student paper of Puyallup High School, the Viking Vanguard.
  • I wrote a piece (January 2014)  about the Turkish corruption scandal for the Seattle Globalist.
  • A piece about travels to Mexico City  (June, 2018)  – exploring topics of eating and globalization, I write in Turkish for the new online Turkish food culture magazine Here is that piece.
  • A piece for Hurriyet Daily (April 2014) in Turkey about street foods in New York.
  • A piece for Hurriyet Daily (May 2015) in Turkey about street foods in Vietnam.image1
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