I am the Director of the Communication Leadership Master’s program at University of Washington. I am also an Associate Teaching Professor at the  Department of Communication at University of Washington. I received the University of Washington’s Distinguished Teaching Award in 2018.

With over a decade of teaching experience, I have taught at a number of esteemed institutions including New York University and Baruch College. I am committed to transforming the classroom into a dynamic space of inquiry and connection, and strive to inspire students to create class assignments that have an impact beyond the classroom. I value student input and believe that education is a collaborative process between the educator and the student.

In addition to my teaching, I also organize workshops for higher education professionals and those interested in teaching. I am passionate about developing innovative and effective teaching practices and am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and experience with others.

  • The June 2018 edition of Columns (UW’s Alumni magazine) features an article about my teaching and distinguished teaching award
  • I participated in the 2018 Teaching and Learning Symposium at University of Washington with this poster about my most recent work on team dynamics in graduate level classes: Ekin Yasin s0tl 2018 – Sentiments about Team Projects FINAL
  • You can find an article for the teaching work (from September 2017) that I have been doing at the Communication Leadership Master’s program at University of Washington.
  • I gave a keynote at the Praxis Conference at University of Washington (January 20 2016).  The title of my talk was “Actively Global and Globally Active: The Classroom as a window we actively open to the world”
  • Here is a poster I just presented at Univesity of Washington’s Annual Teaching and Learning symposium – Spring 2015
  • Here is a handout about role of technology in the class that I presented at the University of Washington Teaching and Learning Symposium at the UW. Thank you For Texting Part II
  • I facilitated dialogues between faculty and students about their in-class learning expectations and needs. I have conducted two of these session for Baruch University’s Communication Studies Department during Fall of 2013 and Spring of 2014. I participated with a poster on the same subject matter at the University of Washington’s Annual Teaching and Learning symposium during Spring 2014. You can find flow-board presentation of one of the sessions here.
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