Music Recommendation: Minimalist Classical Music

When I was in college I discovered Philip Glass. I spent the four years of college collecting Glass’s albums. That was my first introduction to minimalist classic music (although Glass’ all music would not qualify as such). I think I spent about a month where I listened to Glass’ Solo Piano everyday:



These days, (by days I mean the past couple years) minimalist classic music scene is super vibrant. Mostly coming out of Northern part of Europe (perfect environment to produce this type of music), this type of music is perfect companion to writing, thinking and sometimes drinking.

I suggest two artists today. The first one of whom is probably known to you – Olafor Arnalds from Iceland has been around for many years. The following project is one I heard from my husband’s playlist this past weekend. It is a reworking of some originals of Chopin and it is fantastic.



My second suggestion and favorite, Max Richter has an album that is also a rethinking of classical basics: his version of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Needless to mention to this genre’s fans, I also have been obsessed with the music he composed for the HBO show Leftovers. I loved the show but I loved the music more. From Max Richter also is his 8 hour album which has been a perfect companion for 8 hour writing days:


Enjoy this week with this genre and artists. More examples are coming out of this genre and kudos to these artists for making this genre more available.


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