Music Recommendation: Anoushka Shankar/Land of Gold

Anoushka Shankar released an album in response to the Syrian refugee crisis. I listened to the whole album played during a live performance in Seattle a month ago. It was fantastic. I do not want to call it “world music” because I hate the term and because it reveals nothing about the type of music you are listening to.


Anoushka Shankar’s music to me is very responsive. There are balanced exchanges between the main star the sitar and other instruments. There is also a thematic melody (almost) throughout the album – so it plays best as an album more so than bits.

I have been listening to “Crossing the Rubicon” as a thought inspiration. It’s gentle intro where the melody reveals the beauty of tone of the instrument is beautiful. There is also a surprising switch to the melody and structure. The sitar is gently the star of the song for me.

This album is an example of music thinking/reflecting about current issues. Not always my favorite but in this case, I find her effort to be very nobel considering the silence I observe even in my own life about structured suffering and dislocation that impact so many.

Thinking also about songs that tell stories and respond to real events also see:




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