Living with ESL

A few months ago I read this piece in the NYT about being married to a person from country that is not of your own. The writer highlights the differences in the way one communicates in different languages and how enriching this difference is  is for a marriage. This piece really resonated with me as … Continue reading Living with ESL

Mediterranean (Social) Life is Good For you.

Mediterranean lifestyle recommendations are ubiquitous these days. One can argue this NYT article about a small island in Greece where people lived very long started the craze. The article talked about the island's community who followed what is commonly referred these days as a Mediterranean diet (a lot of vegetables, greens, little meat and no … Continue reading Mediterranean (Social) Life is Good For you.

Robots, Evil Twins and Lessons in Conformity

In early 2017 owner of Tesla, Elon Musk, announced his plans to launch a company that would specialize on computerizing the human brain. He is not the only one. This is also the very same year that basic robotics and AI, without much debate, started becoming ubiquitous in our homes. Shortly before I begun writing this … Continue reading Robots, Evil Twins and Lessons in Conformity