Amos: The Antique City of Ants

This is what the sunrise looks like from the antique city of Amos.
This is what the sunrise looks like from the antique city of Amos.
From the ruins we can see where we spend our summers- the white block of buildings knowns as: Professorler Sitesi (the development for professors – a sheer coincide of name)
Many ants occupy, crawl and live today in the antique city of Amos

Very early in the morning, during a quest to see the sunrise we climbed to the antique city of Amos- built in 200 B.C. Located in Turkey’s Amos coast, next to the city of Turunc – 20 km from Marmaris, the ruins are fairly desolate. We reside in the summers in the town next door but the views from where the antique theater used to be is breath-taking.

Once a home to thousands, now the ants crawl into the crescents of the ancient city. They claimed it as their own. Their colonies carries pieces of plants and dirt into wholes under the blocks of old city.

For us, lazy native tourists, it is a spot for photo opt as we step on, unintentionally, some of the natives of the city as they go on with their day.


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