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5 must eats @ Rome – 2019

I spent the Winter of 2019 in Rome leading a study abroad program. Hours outside of  work I ate consistently. I provide you a listicle based on these dedicated hours, literally painful at times, but also pleasurable. In general, in most cities I visit, I like a combination of places that has an inviting atmosphere…

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Have to-s in Rhodes (2017)

I am writing this Rhodes post on a rainy day in Seattle. Rhodes trip seem so close yet so far today. I went to my third Rhodes trip this summer. It is a quick trip from our summer house. That is not the reason though for why we go back. Rhodes, despite being a large…

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Have to-s in Japan (2016)

My dreams came true and I went to Japan this past June. Here are a few food highlights for me. I will keep posting travel and food reflections for the upcoming day. (1) Depachika Food: This is the type of food you get at the basement of big department stores such as Mitsukoshi and Daimaru.…

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